SharePoint Perth

Some of Our Clients

We Offer the Following SharePoint Services

  • OnGoing Support

    Ongoing Support for your peace of mind and to make sure you get what you want from Microsoft SharePoint®

  • Rent A Developer

    Rent a Developer so that you can have a dedicated resource for your Microsoft SharePoint® project

  • Easy Migration

    Easy migration of your existing data to make your life easier

  • Microsoft SharePoint® Hosting

    Secure hosted Microsoft SharePoint® solutions in case if you require it

  • User Friendly Forms

    Creation of user friendly Microsoft SharePoint® forms or Microsoft InfoPath® forms to automate your day to day data capturing

  • WorkFlow Automation

    Customized WorkFlows for SharePoint to automate your tasks and approvals

  • SharePoint Branding

    Extensive experience in applying visual designs to Microsoft SharePoint® to match your company’s brand

  • Intranet Portals

    Intranet portal developments using Microsoft SharePoint® platforms to help you collaborate information amongst your team

  • Document Management Systems

    Customized document management system (DMS) to manage the lifecycle of documents in your organization

  • SharePoint Upgrades

    Upgrade Faster and better using our in house SharePoint plugins and systems

  • SharePoint Training

    Customized Microsoft SharePoint® Training for your needs

  • One On One Consultation

    Personalized consultation to make sure we understand your requirements and deliver Microsoft SharePoint® as specified by you.

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SharePoint Benefits to You

  •  Solving Business Problems

    With Microsoft SharePoint® organisations can easily find, access, share and manipulate data, turning it into information for running their operations.
    Geography and organisational structure are no longer barriers to efficiency using the leading edge document management system (DMS). Unless an organisation can access data usefully and in a timely way, it is useless and stays as – well, just data. Collaboration is the word and information is the key!

  • Focus and Efficiency

    At Saleem Technologies, our team is totally focused on providing effective DMS solutions to dynamic organisations, no matter how big, small or diverse. Coupling the powerful Microsoft SharePoint 2010® software to our unique functional extensions, we deliver applications which can give our clients quantum leaps in organisational efficiency, with associated reductions in operational costs – no matter where our clients’ operations are based, or how diverse in structure they are.

  • Special Applications

    Building on the foundation of the functionally-rich SharePoint suite, we deliver applications which span the range from Automated Document ID Management to OCR Search of document library images. Add to that our portfolio of Workflow applications which cover the tedious administration task of Timesheets, Expenses Claims Management and Purchase Orders and you begin to see the scope of possibilities. These proven, custom applications give our clients a major opportunity to save on overheads through streamlined processing using the latest technology.

  •  Making them Work for Your Problems

    So, we’ve got the products. How about putting them to work for our customers? To do that, we have an experienced team of implementation consultants who work alongside client staff to install the solutions following our configuration and quality assurance processes. This ensures that SharePoint deployments at our clients are carried out efficiently and optimised for their business. The result is minimised implementation timescales and maximised ROI for our clients.

  • Every Organisation is Unique

    Everyone thinks that their business is different – and they are usually right. That’s where we at SharePoint Perth go the extra mile. We use our SharePoint development team to provide a client with that software feature or process tweak that they have to have, because their business is different – efficiently designed, built, tested and installed, for our unique clients.

  • Collaboration, Collaboration

    All in all, it is about collaboration – collaboration between SharePoint 2010® software, our specialist SharePoint teams and our clients, building unique DMS solutions to deliver enhanced business efficiency.